Response to Poem: "The Man With the Blue Guitar" Wallace Stevens

Image shown: "The Old Guitarist" by Pablo Picasso

The first thing I notice is the length of this poem. Wow. Seriously? This one will certainly test my attention span.

The next thing I notice is that I like the way that some of it is written, ( I, IV,) but most of it is beyond my level of appreciation. When the writing feels as if it's above my understanding... that I'm not informed enough of the subject matter, then I lose interest. Maybe it's pride, maybe it's time-management issues, but my curiosity must be sparked in order to keep my attention or make me want to know more. (Like that of the W.C. Williams piece.)  I read and read and read and read and read and read this poem, taking nothing but it's length with me.

I'm sure there's some signficance behind this writing, but I'll have to wait and see who might be out there willing to do a "for dummies" version for me.

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