Response to Poem: "The Cuban Doctor" by Wallace Stevens

The artwork supplied with this poem is striking. It was this work that lured me in to read the poem.  Quite a vague message, as I'm lost in translation. The comments beneath the image are greatly appreciated and extremely helpful in giving at least some direction as to where Stevens was coming from when writing. If it were not for these comments I believe that most readers would sit wondering. I believe fascinating discussion could be had with this poem as the subject matter.

Most importantly, to me, I'm relieved to know that poems can be vague to the point of nonsense to those who are not interested enough to find out more about the poet. Like any abstract piece of art, allure is part of the battle. It's keeping the viewer's interest long enough for them to come to some type of conclusion. Whether he moves forward with interest or moves away in annoyance, both I find to be successes in Fine Art. It's when a piece of artwork is not noticed that it could be considered a failure. (Depending on concept of course.)

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