ABC's of My Life

ABCs of My Life


Always wondering where I’m headed

Because we’re told we can do anything we put our minds to

Cruel how monkey mind tells me I fit in nowhere       

Does this ring true with others?


Even though I know what I enjoy

Feelings of inadequacy constantly block my way

God please tell me what I was meant to do

Help me find where I should place my heart


In this insane, hair-pulling social experiment

Just one hint, one clue would go a long way

Keep me in the loop once you’ve figured it out

Let me know via a whisper on a breeze


My heart, my eyes and my mind are open

Now or a bit later, preferably now

Or is it not for you to tell me

Place no blame, these are my decisions


Quietly I’ll wait, or is that my mistake?

Realizing who I am, what I need out of life,

Stupid society, blaming me for who I am

Tell me again what “happiness” means


Unrelenting images and messages

Voicing their opinions everywhere

When ever they want to, as if I care

Xanax to relax instead of a day well done


Years taken to finally become someone I’m proud to be

Zero-tolerance of society’s bullshit. Screw ‘em!  I’ll find my way.

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