A tribute to d.a.levy

squirrels here

( based off of "roses that")


we watch the squirrels run    here

there watch the squirrels    there

here run squirrels there

here the squirrels run there

here  run squirrels there here

here run here there there


and if the squirrels run never

here the squirrels run never   never

there squirrels run never

here run never there

here never here never


wouldn’t we miss them   ?

do squirrels at night run ?

here squirrels at night  ?

here at night  ?  there

here at night ? here


while we sit in the shade

they run and play

with reckless abandon

jumping    squirrels that leap

with faith while we just sit

watching they play and run

here   squirrels run here

with reckless abandon while we sit

faithfully to run and play

here that never stop to think

there unbelievable isn’t it   ?


play in the shade while we

watch and wonder never

there we wonder what it’s like

to run here there there here

trees of squirrels that play

in the shade with abandon play

in the shade there here we sit

like squirrels run faithfully

we wonder

never like squirrels that





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Comments (2)

  1. fornexplas1992

    Wow! Amazing poem, I really forget I was reading a poem. it takes me to the world of imagination when I was reading this. I think I read this poem before on uk best essays official page. Are you posted this poem on that link?

    May 17, 2017
  2. tazeitler

    Hi! No, I haven’t posted this poem anywhere else other than here. I’ll have to follow the link you provided. I’m happy you enjoyed it. When I first read d. a. levy’s poem it reminded me of the squirrels that are around my house. They run everywhere! Thanks for commenting!!

    May 17, 2017