A Poem Based off of a Memory

NOOK Shmook!


A peaceful place waits for me,

Available during any crisis.

A quiet place holds for me,

The aroma of printed messages.


A polite and caring place

Always allowing my choice

Of laughter, mystery or insight.


I may learn something new today or

Today I may revisit moments of years gone by.


Today familiar doors of brass and oak open

to reveal little comfort, no understanding,

and an attack on solace.


In place of endless adventures among the shelves,

Impersonal, unimaginative towers stand screaming


NOOK! simple touch

NOOK! simple touch with glow light




The caress of a tangible page, wiped out

Aisles of adventures and possibilities, cleared

For Corporate consolidation and the bottom-line

Smothering Wonderland, Oz and the imagination.


Today technology battled the bookshelf, and won.

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